Ambitious Me

I was ambitious today.
I woke up at 5:15am this morning because my daughter did. Normally I would be able to fall back to sleep for a bit, but today my mind just raced about so many things as I tossed and turned.
I gave up on sleep and got myself out of bed a little while later. Went downstairs and made school lunches and my coffee, as my daughter watched tv and ate the breakfast my husband had made her before he left for work.
When lunches were made, I had some extra time, so I casually drank my coffee and read some more of FOREVER BOY by Kate of Finding Cooper’s Voice. Then I decided to take a shower AND wash my hair so I would be presentable at my son’s kindergarten Field Day today.

Told you. Ambitious.
After I was showered and dressed (and had put on a touch of makeup!), I woke up my sleepyhead son and helped both kids get dressed, washed, and brushed for school. Then I got my daughter on the bus and drove my son to his school.
Next, I went home to meet my husband who was on his way back from work to go watch our son at his first Field Day. We drove back to the school together and stood in the field to watch the festivities on this gorgeous sunny spring day.
My husband needed to leave to return to work, so I stayed a while longer and then walked home. I threw laundry in, ate lunch, and worked on some Instagram stories.
I still needed to get my run in. Running is a big part of my routine and self-care, but I was tired. Plus, my running clothes were still in the dryer. So I decided to rest and set my alarm for 2:30pm. I planned to get up and changed, drive to my son’s school a little early for pickup and run in that neighborhood for a few miles.
I was up before my alarm at 2:20pm and heard something.
Rain. Pouring rain.
Then thunder.
I looked at my phone and saw words like SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING and TORNADO WATCH.
Oh, my run? The universe apparently said “Bahahaha!” to that. I guess that was a little too ambitious for today.
There’s always tomorrow. 🙃
**Edited to add: my son told me he didn’t like the shirt I picked to wear to Field Day, I got a blister on the back of my ankle walking home from the school, and I just arrived at pickup without checking a mirror before leaving the house so now I am trying to clean up the nice mascara smear under my right eye while sitting in the car. And it stopped raining.

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